Rebooting our previous efforts that was once known as the Cleveland Canvas, we hope to share in an unbiased, unfiltered list of all the great art events happening in our region. There is so much going on in Akron, Cleveland and the surrounding areas there is never a reason to have another boring Friday night!!! 

In addition to all the great art news and events happening in our region, we will also share cool arts videos and articles from all over the internet. So, if you are a fan of the arts, you’ll want to subscribe to this blog because there will be hours of arts entertainment to be found here.

Additionally, we are utilizing our skills to use this content to create a podcast that will have a presence on the the radio! The most exciting stories of the week will be shared with our radio audience and in our weekly podcast! So get your stories to us, and make sure to tell us why you think its amazing!!

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